Belay Devices

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Black Diamond - ATC Black Diamond - ATC
Simple, lightweight and smooth feeding, the ATC belay/rappel device is easy to operate and, when used correctly, won't kink your rope. For rope diameters: 7.7 to 11mm Weight: 50g. Colours as available.

Black Diamond - ATC XP Black Diamond - ATC XP
A classic, high-performance belay and abseil device which works really well for just about any type of climbing - summer and winter, indoors and outside. Provides excellent rope control with both single and twin/half ropes, and provides two different levels of friction depending on rope diameter and…

Black Diamond - Easy Rider Via Ferrata Set Black Diamond - Easy Rider Via Ferrata Set
The ultimate, smooth-clipping via ferrata set-up, the Easy Rider will have you efficiently climbing the “iron way” in style. The two Easy Rider carabiners have hot-forged bodies, gates and triggers with ergonomically contoured shapes for easy clip/unclip action and comfort. The biners al…

Black Diamond - Iron Cruiser Via Ferrata Set Black Diamond - Iron Cruiser Via Ferrata Set
An economical, complete via ferrata set-up, the Iron Cruiser will efficiently protect you out in the vertical. The two Iron Cruiser carabiners have hot-forged bodies and sleeve tops, and their locking mechanism is actuated via an easy-to-grip sliding sleeve. The Iron Cruiser’s Energy Absorptio…

DMM - Figure 8 DMM - Figure 8
A simple, no-nonsense, value-for-money figure-8 descender, ideal for centre and group use. Anodised for corrosion resistance. 24kN. 73x142mm. 116g. Colours as available.

DMM - Mantis DMM - Mantis
The classic two-slot belay device, improved by DMM using the high-performance internal geometry from their Pivot belay device. An excellent all-round belay and abseil device for all levels of climber, indoors and out. Features include: Two friction modes for thick or thin ropes, light or hea…

DMM - Pivot Belay Device DMM - Pivot Belay Device
The next generation of lightweight, multi-use belay and abseil device. A development of already excellent devices like the Petzl Reverso and Black Diamond ATC-Guide, the DMM Pivot is designed for easier handling in 'guide' mode, allowing much greater control when lowering a second. Essential…  

Petzl - Grigri 2 Petzl - Grigri 2
The ‘industry standard’ assisted braking belay device for sport and indoor climbers, updated to reduce it’s weight and size, and to allow use with thinner ropes. Belay technique identical to classic belay systems: both hands on the rope. A fall is stopped by tightening the h…  

Petzl - Reverso 4 Petzl - Reverso 4
An ultra-light and superbly versatile belay and abseil device for single, half and twin ropes. The Reverso 4 is 25% lighter than the pervious version (Reverso 3), making it even more appealing to multi-pitch rock climbers, mountaineers, alpinists and ice climbers. Features include: Effective br…  

Petzl - Scorpio Vertigo Via Ferrata Lanyard Petzl - Scorpio Vertigo Via Ferrata Lanyard
This via ferrata lanyard has all the features you'll need for a great day out on the cliffs. The retractable lanyard arms help keep them out of the way. Stored in a zippered pouch, the tearing energy absorber is protected and is easy to inspect. The third arm is great when traversing or when you…