Grivel - GDC Daisy Chain

Grivel - GDC Daisy Chain

Traditional daisy chains are very handy for clipping to ground anchors at climbing walls, and in plenty of other situations climbing and mountaineering outdoors, but they are very easy to miss-use through inexperience, inattention, or tiredness. Because the little loops/pockets are only rated to bodyweight (2kN), incorrectly clipping a traditional daisy chain can lead to complete failure in the event of a fall or shock load.

Enter the 'GDC' - Grivel Daisy Chain. By using a series of full-strength slings rather than sewn pockets, it maintains full impact strength (23kN) no matter how it is clipped. Whether you're a complete novice or an experienced climber wishing to make life simpler and safer, the GDC is highly recommended.

Features include:

  • Large loop at one end for larks-foot attachment to harness.
  • Captive dog-bone at other end, with a rubber insert to correctly orientate a screwgate carabiner.
  • 6 intermediate loops, giving 7 length options.
  • Made from 14mm dyneema.

Total length: 119cm.

Weight: 76g.

Rating (all loops): 23kN.


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