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Multimat - Camper Multimat - Camper
An entry-level 3-season sleeping mat, constructed from good quality closed-cell foam. Ideal for D of E, Scouts, or yoga. Good durability, and very light. Made in Wales. Dimensions: 0.8x50x180cm Dimensions (rolled): 50x15cm Weight: 180g.… [ Read more ]

Multimat - Compact Kumfie Sit Mat Multimat - Compact Kumfie Sit Mat
Compact folding, insulating sitmat, ideal for those damp lunch-stops in the hills. High density polyolethin foam. Waterproof, soft and lightweight. Tough and durable. Easy to clean. Folding design for easy packing. Enviromentaly friendly materials. Dimensions:… [ Read more ]

Multimat - Kumfie Sit Mat Multimat - Kumfie Sit Mat
Waterproof, insulating sit mat, ideal for those damp lunchtime stops in the hills. High density polyolefin foam. Soft, waterproof and lightweight. Thermally insulating. Easy to clean. Enviromentaly friendly materials. Dimensions: 350x250x8mm Weight: 20g Colours as ava… [ Read more ]