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Sidas - 3D Gel Trim-To-Fit Insoles Sidas - 3D Gel Trim-To-Fit Insoles
A significant upgrade to your factory-fitted walking boot or shoe insoles, offering a supportive 3D under-foot fit, and shock-absorbing gel cushions under the heel and ball of the foot. Better underfoot support improves posture and gait, gives better weight distribution, and reduces foot movement. T… [ Read more ]

Sidas - Custom Ski Sidas - Custom Ski
The Custom Ski is a moulded foot support with built-in Podiaflex® reinforcing for use in ski boots. This product is custom made in store to fit your feet precisely; therefore we recommend that this should not be purchased on-line. Should you require further information, please contact our footwe… [ Read more ]

Sidas - Custom Ski Pro Sidas - Custom Ski Pro
The new Conform’able Ski Pro is a 100% full custom foot bed, already reinforced with 2 TX’s, so no additional stabiliser is required. The new Alcantara forefoot provides easier entry into the boot and improved comfort. This product is custom made in store to fit your feet precisely; ther… [ Read more ]

Sidas - CX-Max 120 Shell Classic Race PU Innerboot Sidas - CX-Max 120 Shell Classic Race PU Innerboot
Performance and Precision. This is a ski boot for very good skiers that incorporates Twin Frame technology to provide the rigidity required for greater control and enhanced responsiveness. This is combined with an unrivalled foot-hugging fit for optimum performance on the piste. PU bimaterial lower … [ Read more ]

Sidas - Double Comfort Gel Trim-To-Fit Insoles Sidas - Double Comfort Gel Trim-To-Fit Insoles
Upgrade the comfort of your walking boots or shoes with these light and durable, shock-absorbing insoles. While not giving the same benefits as a proper 3-dimensional foot support, they are still a significant improvement over the vast majority of factory-fitted insoles or liners, when it comes to i… [ Read more ]

Sidas - Foot Protection Kit Sidas - Foot Protection Kit
For those that really suffer with blisters on their feet, this is the high-performance alternative to strapping your feet with sticking plasters, surgical tape or even duck-tape. Unlike hydrocolloid blister plasters such as Compeed (which protect a blister that has already formed and promo… [ Read more ]

Sidas - Gel Comfort Heel Pads Sidas - Gel Comfort Heel Pads
Shock-absorbing pads that add extra under-heel comfort to shoes or boots. Features include: Durable PU material. Gel cushion insert. Antibacterial top sheet. One size. Only 30g per pair. Can also be used as 'heel-lifts' to reduce heel movement or rubbing in wal… [ Read more ]

Sidas - Gel Shin Protection Pads Sidas - Gel Shin Protection Pads
This silicone gel shin protection is made from washable and reusable silicon gel with a glue-less, but permanently self-adhesive backing. The material, is viscoelastic and has mechanical properties similar to those of skin tissue which, helps to prevent and relieve pain from pressure, heating, blist… [ Read more ]

Sidas - Ski Boot Traction Sidas - Ski Boot Traction
The Sidas Ski Boot Traction walking soles add walking comfort while eliminating damage to the sole of your ski boots from gravel,sand and walking on hard surfaces. They will fit all major ski boot brands and fold up to fit into your pocket or even tuck under the snow cuff on your ski pants when not … [ Read more ]

Sidas - Snow AFX Sidas - Snow AFX
The Snow AFX is a ready to fit foot support with built-in Alufix® reinforcing for use in ski boots. The new materials and improved frame rigidity optimize alignment and give better control. Gender Unisex Key Feature … [ Read more ]

Sidas - Volume Reducers Sidas - Volume Reducers
Designed to reduce the volume of over-size boots or shoes, by taking up excess space underneath your current insole. A snugger fit will normally increase support, reduce foot movement and rubbing, and can help extend the life of your shoes or boots by reducing the folding and creasing which can othe… [ Read more ]