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Petzl - AAA adapter for Tikka R+/RXP Petzl - AAA adapter for Tikka R+/RXP
Allows the use of three normal AAA batteries (alkaline, lithium or nimh) in the Petzl Tikka R+ and Tikka RXP headtorches. Ideal for long trips when recharging facilities may not be available. Batteries not included.

Petzl - Actik CORE Rechargeable LED Headlamp Petzl - Actik CORE Rechargeable LED Headlamp
A very bright, compact and reliable headlamp for active outdoor sports - climbing, mountaineering, backpacking, hillwalking, and trail running. A choice of two beam patterns gives optimum lighting for proximity use (wide beam) or distance (narrow beam). Rechargeable CORE battery pack gives low runni…

Petzl - Aquila Petzl - Aquila
A high performance rock climbing and mountaineering harness, designed to give maximum comfort and convenience with minimal bulk, weight and restriction to movement. Ideal for those seeking a comfortable, high quality, all-season all-rounder, that packs small and will give years of reliable service. …

Petzl - Ascension Ascender (right-handed) Petzl - Ascension Ascender (right-handed)
Lightweight and versatile ascender for mountaineering, caving or any activity involving rope work it can also be used for self-belay or hauling gear. Anodized aluminum shell is lightweight, durable and corrosion resistant. Ergonomically contoured polyethylene-coated grip provides a sure hold, even …

Petzl - Attache Compact HMS Petzl - Attache Compact HMS
A light, compact and user-friendly locking screwgate carabiner, ideal for belaying or abseiling with a belay device or Munter hitch.  Features: Non-snagging keylock gate. Red marking on gate shows instantly if locking collar has not been fastened. I-Beam construction for reduc…

Petzl - Bandi Chalk Bag and Belt Petzl - Bandi Chalk Bag and Belt
A classic round chalk bag with drawcord closure, stiffened rim, and two hanging loops. Supplied with adjustable webbing belt.

Petzl - Connect Adjust Lanyard Petzl - Connect Adjust Lanyard
A very clever, simple, and user-friendly lanyard, which provides an instantly adjustable tether on multipitch climbs, topping-out sports routes, or simply attaching to ground anchors at the indoor wall. A much safer and more user-friendly option than using a standard sling or daisy-chain (both of wh…

Petzl - Corax Harness Petzl - Corax Harness
A great multi-purpose super-adjustable climbing and mountaineering harness, adaptable to most types of climbing - summer and winter, indoors and out. Lightweight, compact, durable construction for maximum comfort and versatility for summer or winter activities. Frame Construction Technol…

Petzl - Core Headlamp Battery Petzl - Core Headlamp Battery
A high-capacity lithium-ion rechargeable battery designed for Petzl HYBRID headlamps, giving low running costs and better cold weather performance. Features include: Charges via universal USB port. Charging indecator (red = charging, green = fully charged). Performs well at low tem…

Petzl - E+Lite Petzl - E+Lite
A super-compact, super-reliable headlamp designed for emergency and back-up use. Waterproof construction (IP67, to -1 meter), switch lock-out, and lithium batteries give a 10-year storage life, so you can throw it in your backpack, saddle-bag, or first aid kit and forget about it until required. Th…

Petzl - Elia Womens Petzl - Elia Womens
A light and durable climbing and mountaineering helmet, specially designed and developed to respond specifically to the needs of women. The innovative OMEGA headband system (Petzl patent) allows the helmet to be put on and removed easily and offers maximum comfort. In addition to this exclusive feat…  

Petzl - Elios Petzl - Elios
A great all-round climbing helmet, which successfully balances durability and low-weight, and offers a very versatile fit. The durability of an ABS hard-shell, with the low weight of an expanded PS lining. Helmet is very adjustable and adapts to all head shapes: headband adjustment syste…

Petzl - Elios Junior Petzl - Elios Junior
A great all-round climbing helmet, which successfully balances durability and low-weight, and offers a very versatile fit. The durability of an ABS hard-shell, with the low weight of an expanded PS lining. Helmet is very adjustable and adapts to all head shapes: headband adjustment syste…

Petzl - Fixe Pulley Petzl - Fixe Pulley
The Fixe pulley is lightweight, compact, and quick to install on the rope. It offers a good balance between weight and strength. Lightweight, compact pulley Designed for hauling systems and deviations Fixed side plates allow quick installation and coupling with a rope clamp She…

Petzl - Glacier Literide Axe, 50cm Petzl - Glacier Literide Axe, 50cm
A lightweight and compact ice axe, ideal for ski touring, fast-and-light mountaineering, or carrying 'just in case' during winter mountain walks. 50cm size allows unobtrusive carry on your pack, and is easy to manoeuvre on steep ground. Unlike some ultra-light axes, the Glacier Literide will… OUT OF STOCK

Petzl - Grigri 2 Petzl - Grigri 2
The ‘industry standard’ assisted braking belay device for sport and indoor climbers, updated to reduce it’s weight and size, and to allow use with thinner ropes. Belay technique identical to classic belay systems: both hands on the rope. A fall is stopped by tightening the h…  

Petzl - Irvis Flexlock Crampon Petzl - Irvis Flexlock Crampon
A strap-on 10-point walkers crampon, ideal for occasional winter hillwalks and glacier crossings. Features include: 10-point design for good underfoot traction on icy paths and moderate snow slopes. More compact than a 12-point mountaineering crampon. Lots of size adjustment for a …

Petzl - Kids Macchu Harness Petzl - Kids Macchu Harness
A proper kid's sit harness, based on the very popular Petzl Corax. Fully adjustable, fully padded design, with self-locking buckles. Features include: Exactly the same build quality and comfort as Petzl's adult climbing and mountaineering harnesses. Double buckle adjustment wais…

Petzl - Leopard LLF Petzl - Leopard LLF
A super-light and compact crampon, designed for ski-touring and snow travel. Wire toe-bail and lever-lock heel attachment system is designed for ski-touring boots and B3 mountaineering boots. Features include: 10-point design for walking and moderate slopes. Alloy construction for minim…  

Petzl - Linkin Ice Axe Leash Petzl - Linkin Ice Axe Leash
A very simple adjustable leash with a wide and soft wrist loop. A clever - but very simple - knot replaces the normal metal adjustment buckle, making this leash lighter, easier to adjust, and arguably more durable than other options. Weight: 25g. Length: 50-75cm… OUT OF STOCK

Petzl - Micro Traxion Pulley with Rope Clamp Petzl - Micro Traxion Pulley with Rope Clamp
An ultra-light, ultra-compact, and super-efficient progress-capture pulley with integrated rope clamp, which makes an excellent addition to any crevasse or climbing self-rescue kit. Excellent efficiency, thanks to sealed ball bearings (91%). Cam can be locked in open position so device c…

Petzl - MYO Petzl - MYO
A high performance LED headtorch that combines a high, regulated output with a long battery life. Programable settings allow you to set up the headlamp dependent on activity, such as maximum output for running and biking, or maximum run-time for trekking and backpacking trips. You can also pick betw…

Petzl - Noctlight Headlamp Case Petzl - Noctlight Headlamp Case
A brilliantly simple accessory for your Petzl headtorch, which acts as both a protective carrying case and converts it into a lantern. Ideal for backpacking, camping and trekking. Features include: Protects headlamp from bumps and scratches inside your pack. Diffuses headlamp beam to … OUT OF STOCK

Petzl - Oscillante Pulley Petzl - Oscillante Pulley
The Oscillante weighs practically nothing and can be used in crevasse rescue systems or improvised hauling systems. Quick and easy installation due to the swinging side plates. Nylon sheave and aluminum side plates for excellent strength to weight ratio. Weight : 42 g Min. rope diameter …

Petzl - Picchu Kids Helmet Petzl - Picchu Kids Helmet
The Picchu helmet is specifically designed for children and is suitable for climbing and cycling, giving better value for money and more use. It is very light, comfortable, easy to adjust to size and constructed for durability. Helmet safe stickers (some reflective) are included so that the helmet c…

Petzl - Reverso 4 Petzl - Reverso 4
An ultra-light and superbly versatile belay and abseil device for single, half and twin ropes. The Reverso 4 is 25% lighter than the pervious version (Reverso 3), making it even more appealing to multi-pitch rock climbers, mountaineers, alpinists and ice climbers. Features include: Effective br…  

Petzl - Ride Ski Touring Axe Petzl - Ride Ski Touring Axe
A very compact and lightweight technical ice axe, ideal for ski touring or glacier travel.  Features include: Small enough to stow inside a backpack, reducing risk of injury. Bevelled spike is less likely to damage you or your backpack. Steel head for durability and strength. …

Petzl - Scorpio Vertigo Via Ferrata Lanyard Petzl - Scorpio Vertigo Via Ferrata Lanyard
This via ferrata lanyard has all the features you'll need for a great day out on the cliffs. The retractable lanyard arms help keep them out of the way. Stored in a zippered pouch, the tearing energy absorber is protected and is easy to inspect. The third arm is great when traversing or when you…

Petzl - Shunt Descender Petzl - Shunt Descender
A mechanical replacement for self-jamming knots (Prussik, Machard…). Positioned below a descender, the Shunt acts as a back-up belay for an abseil descent. It locks onto the rope as soon as you release it and follows your descent when you press on it. Can be loaded onto a rope without unclipp…

Petzl - Sm'D Screwlock Petzl - Sm'D Screwlock
A very light, compact and user-friendly locking screwgate carabiner, ideal for general climbing use. Features: Non-snagging keylock gate. Red marking on gate shows instantly if locking collar has not been fastened. I-Beam construction for reduced weight.  Secure, locking … OUT OF STOCK

Petzl - Spatha Climbers Knife Petzl - Spatha Climbers Knife
A simple and easy-to-handle pocket knife for climbers and mountaineers who need a reliable tool to cut cordage to length for ice threads, or to clear dubious old tat from in-situ abseil anchors. Features include: Serrated section of blade for reliable cutting of webbing, rope and cord. …

Petzl - Spiky Plus Ice-Grippers Petzl - Spiky Plus Ice-Grippers
Simple, durable, and easy to use ice-grippers, ideal for winter pavements. The small spikes are along enough to give grip on smooth ice, but not too long to make them a trip-hazard or to make them awkward to carry in a pocket. Fits most types of footwear, including walking boots, street shoes…

Petzl - TacTikka Plus RGB Regulated Headtorch Petzl - TacTikka Plus RGB Regulated Headtorch
A compact, high performance headtorch, offering very high output for it's size, and dedicated red, green and blue lighting for the preservation of night-vision or specialist military applications. Regulated output ensures constant light output over the life of the batteries - the light does not…

Petzl - Tibloc Ascender Petzl - Tibloc Ascender
For climbing and mountaineering Petzl's Tibloc Ultra Light Ascender is the perfect utility extra both high above and underground. Much lighter and more compact than standard ascenders, plus faster to set up than prusik knots and works well in pulley systems. For use on single ropes ranging from …

Petzl - Tikka Classic LED Headlamp Petzl - Tikka Classic LED Headlamp
The legendary Petzl Tikka LED headlamp gets another upgrade, making it one of the finest all-round outdoor sports headlamps on the market. Gives an excellent balance of brightness and battery life, simplicity and utility, along with a very compact size, low weight, and all-weather reliability. A …  

Petzl - Tikkina Classic LED Headlamp Petzl - Tikkina Classic LED Headlamp
Simple, reliable, and now brighter than ever, the Tikkina is an ideal all-round headlamp for camping, trekking, travelling, or simply keeping handy in the car or at home. Features include: Wide beam for proximity lighting. Long battery life (up to 220 hours - that's over 9 days!) …

Petzl - Tour Petzl - Tour
A light and compact unpadded harness, perfect for ski-touring, glacier crossing and general mountaineering. Features include: Simple and durable variable-width webbing construction. Can be put on and taken off over skis or crampons. Self-locking double-back buckle on waist belt. …

Petzl - USB Charger Petzl - USB Charger
Wall and car adapters for standard USB. Wall adapter with three plugs: European, UK, North American and 12 V car adapter.    

Petzl - Vasak Leverlock Crampon Petzl - Vasak Leverlock Crampon
A versatile and well-designed 12-point mountaineering crampon, ideal for general mountaineering, winter hillwalking, and lower grade snow and ice climbs. Fits a wide variety of mountain boot models due to it's very precise length adjustment and two different toe attachment options. Features inc…