Dalbello - Kyra 85 Women

Dalbello - Kyra 85 Women

Developed for women skiers seeking the absolute best blend of performance and fit for unlimited access to every aspect of the mountain experience. Designed to excel on any terrain, the Kyra’s versatile Hike/Ski + Walk Sole functionality excels at helping to get you to the top without sacrificing performance going down. Dynalink rear foot retention holds the skiers foot securely toward the rear part of the ski boot. During boot flex, the Dyanlink band does not permit the foot to slide forward or the heel to lift lifting inside the boot shell. The closure system prevents the lower shell from bulging and distorting when the boot is flexed forward. Because the skier’s foot is held more securely, high speed stability and control over the skis on irregular and difficult terrain are improved. The Kyra has a special Women’s Only Cuff that is 1.5 cm lower than the comparable men’s version and features a cuff volume expansion adjustment to easily and comfortably accommodate a wide variety of womens’ lower leg sizes and shapes. Dalbello have been making ski boots in Asolo Italy for over 40 years and have produced over13 million pairs of ski boots. In May, 2004, Dalbello began building ski boots in the newest and most modern ski boot manufacturing facility in the world. 10 medals at the Sochi Olympics is proof that world’s best skiers ski on Dalbello.

  • Shell dbHylite
  • Cuff dbHylite
  • Tongue PU
  • Cabrio Design Architecture
  • Lightweight Construction
  • Split Fit Tongue
  • Convenient Entry/Closure
  • Contour 4 Shell Fit
  • Dynalink Rearfoot Retention
  • Center Balanced “Rocker” Stance
  • Low Contour Profile Cuff
  • Hike/Ski Cuff Mechanism
  • Adjustable Heel Inclinator
  • Adjustable Flex
  • Cuff Volume Expansion Adjustment,
  • Replaceable Dura GripTM toe/heel
  • Flex: 85


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Product Code: DKY85L6

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