Icebreaker - Apex Glove Liner

Icebreaker - Apex Glove Liner

These Icebreaker glove liners, made from midweight 260gm merino wool, give you an extra layer of thermal protection when you're grabbing a ski pole or holding on to a chairlift. Whether the temperatures are frigid or sweltering, Icebreaker's Apex glove liner combines insulation with breath ability for constant comfort. Merino wool is lightweight, strong and silky soft. Because it is so fine it does not itch like traditional wool or synthetics. Icebreaker is naturally anti-microbial so it does not get stinky like synthetic materials. Wear your Icebreaker day after day with no horrible smell. Your Icebreaker warms and cools your body by absorbing and releasing moisture. Millions of tiny air pockets in the fiber trap more air to keep you warm when you need it. These are lightweight, breathable and non-stink…a perfect liner for gloves! Icebreaker is made from 100% natural merino wool gathered from the pristine mountains of New Zealand's Southern Alps.

  • 260 midweight Icebreaker merino
  • 98% merino wool, 2% LYCRA®
  • Slim fit
  • A touch of Lycra® for the perfect fit; Lightweight, naturally odor-resistant, breathable
  • Touchscreen friendly

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Product Code: IBMD29001

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