Institut Geographique National - Les Arcs - La Plagne 3532ET

Institut Geographique National - Les Arcs - La Plagne 3532ET

TOP 25 maps cover areas of particular tourist interest. The maps have an overprint highlighting local footpaths, long-distance GR routes and, where appropriate, ski routes. Other tourist information includes campsites, equestrian or canoeing centres, huts, mountain refuges, etc. Map legend is in French and English. Each TOP 25 map covers an area of approximately 28 x 21 km (17 x 13 miles). The TOP 25 map series is printed with contour interval of 5 metres, except for mountainous areas, where the maps have hill shading and contours at 10-metre intervals.
Map 3532ET covers the area of Les Arcs - La Plagne and the Parc National de la Vanoise, including the northern spur of the Vanoise National Park with the ski resorts of Les Arcs and La Plagne. The map is overprinted with a UTM grid for GPS users.

Pictures may not be the actual maps and are just for illustration.

  • Map Dimensions 131 x 92cm aprox

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