Beal - Top Gun II 10.5mm x 60m (Single)

A long lasting, dependable, premium quality rope, ideal for those who climb intensively outdoors. Offers a very high number of falls (the number of very high impact falls the rope will absorb before failure), giving extra confidence on hard routes. Dry Cover treatment ensures reduced water absorbency in damp conditions, and improves fall arrest performance and improves cut resistance over edges. Compact Processing ensures a stronger bond between sheath and core, reducing sheath slippage. Permanent centre marking (Black Limit) ensures easier abseil setup and can also aid lap coiling. 

  • Impact force: 7.4kN (lab results 7.35-7.4kN).
  • Number of falls: 11 (lab results 13-14).
  • Percentage of sheath: 33%.
  • Weight per meter: 68g.
  • Total weight (approx): 4.08kg.
  • Sharp-edge tested.
  • Dry Cover treatment to sheath.
  • Compact process.

Supplied in a nylon, zip-up rope bag, with integral rope tarp.

Colour: Grey (as shown in detail image).

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