Camp - Daisy Chain Twist, 137cm

Camp - Daisy Chain Twist, 137cm

The Camp Daisy Chain Twist is designed to address the dangerous issue of miss-cliping a standard daisy chain, which can result in a drastically reduced strength. Even though a standard daisy chain has an overall strength of around 22kN, the small loops/pockets are designed for bodyweight only (around 1.5kN) and will fail if subjected to any degree of impact force. If properly used and clipped, the failure of individual loops is not an issue - the overall strength is maintained. If, however, the loops are clipped incorrectly, failure of an individual loop can mean complete failure of the daisy chain. Adding the simple 'twist' to this version virtually eliminates this risk, making it much safer to use, while maintaining simplicity and versatility.

  • A very convenient option for clipping to ground-anchors at climbing walls.
  • Simple girth-hitch attachment to harness.
  • Spiral construction addresses the dangerous consequences of cross-clipping loops.
  • 11 loops.
  • Also very handy for multi-pitch climbing and abseiling, guiding and instructing.

Length: 137cm.

Weight: 135g.

Strength: 22kN.

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