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Coghlans - Folding Can Opener (2 pack) Coghlans - Folding Can Opener (2 pack)
Very handy keyring size can opener. Made in Canada from hardened, non-rusting, nickel plated steel. Compact and light. Stays sharp for years. 2 openers per pack.

Coghlans - Folding Shovel Coghlans - Folding Shovel
A classic army-style folding shovel, ideal for camping and bushcraft. All steel construction. Tempered forged steel blade. Positive locking collar. Blade locks in straight (shovel) and 90-deg (pick) positions. Length open: 58cm Length closed: 25cm… [ Read more ]

Coghlans - Lightweight Poncho Coghlans - Lightweight Poncho
A simple, lightweight, waterproof poncho, ideal for unexpected showers and tropical downpours. Waterproof vinyl material. Waterproof, welded seams. Attached hood. Snap-fastening sides. Reuseable. Packed size: 14x21x1cm One size fits all.  … [ Read more ]

Coghlans - Magnesium Fire Starter Coghlans - Magnesium Fire Starter
A combination firesteel and magnesium block fire starter, ideal for bushcraft or emergency use. To use, the edge of a knife or saw blade is used to scrap off a small pile magnesium shavings, which are then ignited using the firesteel. Magnesium burns at around 5400°F, making it easy to light eve… [ Read more ]

Coghlans - Toilet Seat Cover Coghlans - Toilet Seat Cover
Sanitary disposable seat covers made from biodegradable tissue. Convenient when traveling, camping or anywhere "away from home". 10 Seat Covers per pack.

Coghlans - Toilet Tissue (2 pack) Coghlans - Toilet Tissue (2 pack)
 BEST SELLER Soft, strong, and absorbent toilet paper for trekkers and backpackers, or any time you get 'caught short' in the wilds. Coreless roll (no cardboard tube) reduces bulk. Biodegradable. Single ply. 150 sheets per roll. 11.5x12cm per sheet. Two rolls per pack, indiv… [ Read more ]

Coghlans - Travel Sewing Kit Coghlans - Travel Sewing Kit
A handy companion for campers, backpackers and travellers. Contains: 50 yards of thread in an assortment of colors. 8 buttons. 2 snaps. 5 safety pins. 2 straight pins. 5 needles. Needle threader. Thimble. Scissors. … [ Read more ]

Coghlans - Universal Bottle Carrier Coghlans - Universal Bottle Carrier
Hook and loop straps adapt to a variety of water and vacuum bottle sizes. Adjustable length shoulder strap. Quick release buckle eases attachment to pack.

Coghlans - Waterproof Matches (4 pack) Coghlans - Waterproof Matches (4 pack)
Waterproof striker. Waterproof heads. Approximately 45 wooden matches to a pocket size box. Safety matches - cannot light accidentally (must be struck on waterproof striker surface on box). 4 boxes per pack.

Coghlans - Zipper Pull Thermometer Coghlans - Zipper Pull Thermometer
Fahrenheit and Celsius scale. Wind-chill chart on back. Sturdy plastic housing. Slip on ring for attaching to zipper, pack, etc.