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High5 - EnergyGel, Orange (40g) High5 - EnergyGel, Orange (40g)
Instant on-the-go energy for runners, cyclists, trekkers, challenge walks - ideal for anyone who is pushing themselves harder than normal. Unlike some energy gels, these are not too thick or too sweet, and are flavoured with real fruit juice. Gels get fuel to your muscles - where you need it - much … [ Read more ]  

High5 - ZERO Electrolyte Sports Drink Tabs High5 - ZERO Electrolyte Sports Drink Tabs
A zero calorie, high-performance sports drink, designed especially for optimum rehydration during intense or prolonged activity. As well as runners, cyclists and other sports enthusiasts, High5 ZERO is ideal for trekkers and walkers working hard in hot conditions or at altitude. Light & r… [ Read more ]