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Wildo - Kasa Army Mug (300ml) Wildo - Kasa Army Mug (300ml)
Inspired by the classic Swedish army mug, the Kasa Army is a simple, very robust and user-friendly drinking vessel for outdoor adventures. Pear-shape form gives a nice grip that is easy to hold. Stackable. Also functions as a small bowl or scoop. Constructed of food-grade, BPA-… [ Read more ]

Wildo - Original Camp-A-Box Complete Wildo - Original Camp-A-Box Complete
 BEST SELLER A compact and very practical food prep and eating kit for campers and backpackers. All materials are durable and BPA free. Made in Sweden. Contains a selection of high quality, well designed and well proven items: Combined knife/fork/spoon Spork eating utensil (165mm, PA6). Collapsable,… [ Read more ]

Wildo - Original Fold-A-Cup (250ml) Wildo - Original Fold-A-Cup (250ml)
A brilliantly simple folding cup design which is now over 35 years old! The Fold-A-Cup is very compact (28mm tall) and light (only 25g) to carry in a backpack or cook-kit, but folds open to hold 250ml of your favourite hot or cold beverage. Fold ensures that it won't drip after being emptied. Co… [ Read more ]

Wildo - Original Fold-A-Cup Big (600ml) Wildo - Original Fold-A-Cup Big (600ml)
A large version of the original Fold-A-Cup, which doubles as a small bowl for soup, stews, breakfast cereal, etc. 100ml volume markings. Fold ensures that it won't drip after being emptied. Original size Fold-A-Cup will nest inside. Constructed of food-grade, BPA free TPE. … [ Read more ]

Wildo - Pathfinder Kit Wildo - Pathfinder Kit
 BEST SELLER A simply, light, durable and well designed eating and drinking kit, ideal for backpacking, D-of-E, scout camps, field trips, etc. Contents: Camper Deep Plate, with side grip area. Works much better than a flat plate for stews, pasta, etc. (82g). Spork - combined spoon, fork, knife. (8.5… [ Read more ]

Wildo - Spork Wildo - Spork
A hybrid eating utensil which combines the functions of a spoon, fork and knife. Very light and compact, and ideal for backpacking meals, picnics, salad boxes, and packed lunches. Unlike other double-ended designs, the Wildo spork means you aren't faced with a food-covered handle if you want to … [ Read more ]