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Victorinox - Climber Victorinox - Climber
 BEST SELLER Our most popular Swiss Army pocket knife, with plenty of really useful tools, but not so many as to make it a burden nor too difficult to find the tool you’re after. The perfect companion for backpackers, travellers, campers, and day-to-day use. Features include: Main knife blade (63mm… [ Read more ]

Victorinox - Farmer Victorinox - Farmer
 BEST SELLER A durable, no-nonsense, genuine Swiss Army pocket knife, with a simple selection of dependable tools. Solid alloy scales - rather than the normal plastic ones - are really tough and durable, and look very classy too! Ideal for backwoods camping, bushcraft, Scouts, and gardening. Features inclu… [ Read more ]

Victorinox - Swisscard Victorinox - Swisscard
A super-handy credit card size tool to keep in your wallet, purse, handbag or briefcase, ready to deal with all those small everyday tasks - opening a parcel, filing a broken nail, making a quick note, or removing a splinter. Features: Nailfile with screwdriver tip. Toothpick. Tweezers. Stai… [ Read more ]