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Garmin GPS Resources

A few useful downloads to help you get the most from your Garmin off-road GPS.

User manuals

Owners manuals for our most popular models:

eTrex 10/20/30 (1.1MB) GPSMAP 62/62sc (0.8MB) Oregon 600/650 (3.9MB)

Basecamp software

This free Garmin software allows you to transfer waypoints, tracks and routes to and from your GPS, plan routes, update unit software, download custom mapping, and much more:

 Download for PC  Download for Mac

Free Garmin Winter Activity Map

Download a free Winter Activity Map covering Central Europe. This map is compiled by Garmin, but based on the community OpenStreetMap (OSM) database and includes thousands of pistes, trails and lifts. This map is searchable and includes a large number of winter POIs (non-routable).


Free world-wide mapping

Openstreetmap.org provides open-source (free to use) mapping for most parts of the world. The level of mapping detail will vary between different countries and between different areas, but it is a great resource for trips overseas. A section of their website has loads of ready-to-use Garmin compatible maps. Installation is usually as simple as copying the map file to your device's internal memory, or onto a compatible memory card (usually a MicroSD):

Ready to use Garmin maps

Map screen position marker

The default position marker which is used on the GPS map screen (referred to by Garmin as a 'vehicle') is not necessarily the best option for use with detailed maps such as the OSGB Discoverer 1:50k or Birdseye Select OSGB 1:25k mapping.

Adding alternate pointers/vehicles is very easy, but finding good ones (which aren't shaped like racing cars or spaceships) can be difficult. Therefore one of our staff has designed their own which we feel works very well.

pointer screenshot
Garmin's default blue triangle position/direction marker.

pointer screenshot
Our improved position/direction marker.

We have two colour options - the white option matches the other on-screen controls, while the yellow version stands out a bit better against some backgrounds.

 Download white marker (1.4MB)  Download yellow marker (1.4MB)

To install the new pointer(s), simply connect your GPS to your PC via USB (so you can access it's file structure), and copy the .srf file(s) to the folder:


Disconnect your GPS from your PC, open the Map screen, and then select the new pointer you wish to use via the pop-up menu at the bottom of the display:

Setup Map > Advanced Setup > Vehicle > Choose vehicle

Please note: These pointer files have only been tested on an Oregon 600, but should work on any Garmin which uses .stf 'vehicle' files.

Last updated: 22/8/2014