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Mailorder - Ski Setup Form

Thank you for your ski order. In order for us to mount the bindings correctly and in line with industry guidelines, we require the following information.

 You will need to complete a separate form for each pair of skis ordered. All fields are required.

Your Skier Type  Type 1- Skier
  • Skiers looking for a lower release setting than type 1.
  • Recommended for beginners over 25 years old.
 Type 1 Skier
  • Ski conservatively.
  • Prefer slower speeds.
  • Ski on easy to moderate slopes.
  • Intermediate level, but not in good physical condition.
  • Good skiers, smooth and supple style, emphasising safety.
  • Favour lower than average release/retention settings. This corresponds to an increased risk of an inadvertent binding release in order to gain increased release capacity in a fall.
 Type 2 Skier
  • Intermediate skiers in good physical condition.
  • Prefer a variety of speeds.
  • Ski on varied terrain, including most difficult trails.
  • All skiers who do not meet all the descriptions of the other skier types.
 Type 3 Skier
  • Ski aggressively.
  • Normally ski at high speed.
  • Prefer moderate to steep terrain.
  • Favour higher than average release/retention settings. This corresponds to decreased capability to release in a fall in order to decrease risk of inadvertent binding release.
 Type 3+ Skier
  • Very strong skiers, on challenging terrain.
  • Skiers looking for a higher release setting than type 3 skiers. Skier type does not have the same meaning as skier ability. For instance, an advanced skier who skis all-terrain, but is not particularly aggressive, may be able to use type 2 settings.
 Please indicate your level of skiing ability.

 If you have any problems completing this form, please contact our ski hardware department during office hours on 01926 339388 (option 1).

Ski boot sole size example

A size 26/26.5 shell, with 310mm sole.