Nite Ize - 550 Paracord (15m)

High quality, high strength, genuine '550' paracord, which is much stronger and easier to knot than the cheaper green nylon cord sold in many outdoor and DIY shops.

An essential item for any adventurous trip or expedition, with endless uses, including rigging mozi nets, replacing boot laces, pitching a tarp, making a washing line, or lashing gear to your backpack. For bushcrafters, the list of uses is even longer - shelter building, trap construction, zip pulls, bow drills, and lots, lots more.

Genuine 550 paracord - originally designed for parachute lines - features a strong but supple woven outer sheath, with seven inner yarns. The inner yarns can be removed and used as lighter-duty.

Diameter: 3.5mm.

Breaking strength: 550lbs (250kg).

Safe working load: 150lbs (70kg).

Total weight (15m): 117g.

Colour: Black with white inner yarns.

When cutting the cord to length, melt the cut ends with a match or lighter to prevent fraying.

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