Esbit - Cookset with Heat Exchanger, 950ml (Liquid Fuel)

A neat, compact, light, and simple cooking system, with bulit-in heat exchanger for faster boil times and greater fuel efficiency. Uses a simple and durable non-pressurised alcohol burner. Ideal for lightweight backpacking, backwoods camping, bushcraft, bothy's and bivis. 

Features include:

  • Light, thermally-efficient and durable hard-anodised aluminium pot with pouring spout, folding handle and lid.
  • Integral heat-exchanger for faster boil times and greater fuel efficiency.
  • Brass alcohol burner with flame regulator and O-ring sealed screw cap.
  • Durable hard-anodised aluminium burner base.
  • Burner and stand pack inside cooking pot for easy transport.

Weight: 310g

Cooking pot capacity: 950ml

Packed size: 125x125mm

Fuel: Methylated spirits (not included).

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Product Code: ESBE293

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