Primus - Eta Express All-In-One Cooking System

A versatile, efficient, all-in-one cooking system for solo backpackers, comprising of the proven Primus Express Piezo gas stove, a super-efficient 1-litre Eta cooking pot, and clip-on windshield.

Features include:

  • Super-efficient Eta cooking pot, with built-in heat exchanger, ensures more heat from the stove is transferred directing into the pot and less is lost to the surrounding environment. This gives quicker boil times and greatly reduces fuel use.
  • Removable plastic liner to pot protects non-stick finish and also serves as a bowl.
  • Piezo ignition for easy lighting (integrated into burner head for increased durability).
  • Stove can be used with any small pan or kettle.
  • Clip-on windshield further reduces heat loss to the environment, speeding boiling times and saving fuel.
  • 100g gas canister will pack inside pot.

Packed size: 16x16x12cm.

Total weight: 450g (not inc. gas cartridge).

Boil time: 2:40min (1 litre of water).

Burn time: 85min (230g gas cartridge).

Fuel: Primus, MSR, Go-Gas, and other screw-fit self-sealing LP gas canisters.

Gas canister not included.

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