Bla Band - Outdoor Main Meals (Freeze Dried)

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Light, tasty and nutritious dehydrated outdoor meals, ideal for hiking, backpacking, camping and expedition use. Compared to some other brands, the packaging on these really makes a difference - there are internal markings so you don't have to guess how much water to add, there's a zip-loc seal at the top to keep the heat in while waiting for it to re-hydrate, and it's wide-short orientation makes it much easier to eat out of. Tested and approved by Lockwoods staff!

  • Originally developed for the Swedish military.
  • Higher calorie meals for hearty outdoor appetites (around 650 kcal).
  • Really tasty meal options.
  • Very quick and simple to prepare - just add boiling water, stir and wait (about 10 minutes).
  • Can also be prepared with cold water (about 30 minutes).
  • No washing up.
  • Significantly lighter than ready-to-eat meals, especially if packing for several days.
  • Long shelf-life.
  • Fully recyclable packaging.

Weight: 140-150g (depending on meal)

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