DMM - Mantis & Ceros Belay Device Set

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A premium quality belay and abseil device, bundled with a very user-friendly and safe carabiner. The Mantis works with single or double ropes, for virtually any kind of roped climbing, with a wide variety of rope diameters. It can be used in two orientations to give different levels of rope control: with the grooves to provide more control (great for thin ropes), or over the rounded edge for less 'grab' (ideal for thicker, older furrier ropes). The Ceros carabiner has a clever secondary wiregate that keeps the carabiner correctly orientated on your harnesses belay loop during use, and reduces the chances of loss. Both items are made in Wales.

Mantis belay device features include:

  • Hot forged construction for optimum strength and weight.
  • Precision CNC machined.
  • Works with single or double ropes.
  • Ridged grooves increase holding power (especially with thin or smooth ropes) when used in conventional belay mode.
  • Can also be used as an emergency ascender, or as a 'ratchet' when performing a crevasse rescue.

Weight: 45g

Rope diameter: 8.5 to 11mm (single rope), 7.3 to 9.2mm (half/twin ropes)

Ceros HMS carabiner features include:

  • Extra-safe secondary gate design, locks onto harness belay loop to stop rotation and help prevent loss.
  • Small 'shoulder' helps keep belay device in position on top bar.
  • I-beam construction for reduced weight.
  • Non-snagging, clean nose design.
  • Easy-grip screwgate lock.

Weight: 89g.

Gate opening: 20mm

Strength (gate closed): 25kN
Strength (gate open): 7kN
Strength (minor axis): 7kN

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