Esbit - Solid Fuel Pocket Stove

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 A very compact, sturdy, simple and reliable stove, very similar to the 'hex-block' stoves used by the armed forces for many years. The folding pot supports have two different positions, allowing use with mug and normal size cooking pots. Ideal for occasional hot drinks, emergency use, or as a backup to campfire cooking. Works at high altitudes and sub-zero temperatures with no visible smoke formation and almost no combustion residues.

Supplied with 6x14g waterproof-packed solid fuel blocks, each of which will burn for about 12 mins, and will boil 0.5 litres of water in about 7 mins. 

Made in Germany from galvanised steel.

Dimensions (folded): 98x77x23mm. 

Weight (inc. tablets): 180g.

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