Julbo - Shield, Blue/Orange, Reactiv 2-4 Polarised

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High performance sunglasses for high altitude trekking and mountain use. Reactive lenses rapidly adjust to match light conditions, from overcast flat light to the highest level of protection for exceptionally bright sun+snow conditions, meaning just one pair of glasses can provide a full spectrum of protection.

Chameleon High Mountain 2-4 lenses offer:

  • Rapid photochromic adjustment to light conditions, ranging from category 2 protection in dull conditions to full category 4 protection in very bright sun+snow conditions.
  • NTS (Non Temperature Sensitive) technology ensures the lens gets darker or lighter regardless of the temperature.
  • NXT polymer material for optical clarity and sports impact protection.
  • Polarisation to reduce glare from reflective surfaces and improve contrast.
  • Anti-fog coating on inner surface.
  • Oil-repellant coating on outer surface prevents marking, makes cleaning easier, and facilitates water runoff
  • 100% protection from damaging UV.
Other glasses features include:
  • Durable polymer frames.
  • Removable side shields protect from peripheral light entry.

Suppled with detachable leash, zipped hard case, and soft bag.

Visible light protection category: 2 to 4

Frame size: Large

NB: Category 4 lenses are NOT suitable for driving.

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