MSR - Trailshot Pocket Microfilter

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A brilliant pocket-size water filter for just about any outdoor activity - hiking, travelling, backpacking, trail running, mountain biking, wild camping and more - providing safe drinking water from just about any river, stream, lake or pond. The latest hollow-fibre filter technology gives a huge capacity (up to 2000 litres), a fast flow-rate (1 litre in about 60 seconds), extremely simple maintenance, and no reliance on batteries or chemicals. It's form-factor has been very carefully designed to make it as versatile as possible, allowing you to drink directly from the filter, fill a water bottle, or even connect directly to your Camelbak, Source or Platypus hydration system. Highly recommended!

Features include:

  • 0.1 micron filter element removes disease and illness causing bacteria (inc e-coli, salmonella, cholera), and protozoa (inc giardia).
  • Prefilter removes particulate.
  • No chemicals or batteries.
  • Easy to clean for a long service life (no tools required)
  • Works instantly - filters water as you drink or pump.
  • Packs down small enough to fit in a pocket.
  • Proven MSR dependability and build quality.
  • Winner of multiple industry awards.

Filter element capacity: Up to 2000 litres

Dimensions: 6x15cm.

Weight: 142g

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