Primus - Lite+ Personal Cooking System

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A very refined, high-performance, all-in-one cooking system for solo backpackers, with super-efficient Primetech 0.5 litre pot, and integrated burner. Perfect for boil-in-the-bag or freeze-dried meals, or a quick brew on-the-go. Unlike some other backpacking boiler systems, the Lite+ can be easily used with normal pans, can be easily suspended, and has a super-positive and easy to use pot-to-stove attachment method.

Features include:

  • Super-efficient 0.5 litre Primetech anodised aluminium cooking pot, with built-in heat exchanger, ensures more heat from the stove is transferred directly into the pot and less is lost to the surrounding environment. This gives quicker boil times and greatly reduces fuel use.
  • Patented triangular joint connection between pot and stove is very positive, secure and easy to use.
  • Patented low-profile burner is quiet and compact.
  • Integral piezo lighter.
  • Heat resistant G-1000 sleeve with felt lining.
  • Webbing handle also functions to hold on the lid in your pack.
  • Three screw-in pins (stored on handle) allow use with other normal cooking pots and pans.
  • Lid has built-in strainer, rubber grip band, and can also be used as a cup.
  • Also supplied with hanging cord and foot support.

Packed size: 10x15cm.

Total weight: 390g (not inc. gas cartridge).

Boil time: 2:45min (0.5 litre of water).

Burn time: 59min (100g gas cartridge).

Fuel: Primus, MSR, Go-Gas, and other screw-fit self-sealing LP gas canisters. A 100g canister can be packed inside.

Gas canister not included.

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