Primus - Primetech Regulated LP Gas Stove Set, 1.3L

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A high-performance all-in-one cooking system for 1-3 backpackers, with super-efficient Primetech pan, and a low, stable, regulated burner.

Features include:

  • Super-efficient, non-stick coated, 1.3 litre Primetech cooking pot, with built-in heat exchanger, ensures more heat from the stove is transferred directly into the pot and less is lost to the surrounding environment. This gives quicker boil times and greatly reduces fuel use.
  • Second non-stock coated, hard anodised pan.
  • Remote canister stove design is more stable than 'sit-on-top' designs.
  • Regulated control gives consistent power output even when fuel canister is low on fuel or very cold.
  • Fold-out pan supports all use with just about any pan or kettle.
  • Windshield further reduces heat loss to the environment, speeding boiling times and saving fuel.
  • Detachable handle gives very secure grip on either pan.
  • Plastic pan lid with built-in strainer.
  • Padded, insulated carry case helps keep cooked food warm.
  • Supplied with hand-held piezo igniter.

Packed size: 10.5x18cm.

Total weight: 727 (not inc. gas cartridge).

Boil time: 3:30min (1 litre of water).

Burn time: 119min (230g gas cartridge).

Fuel: Primus, MSR, Go-Gas, and other screw-fit self-sealing LP gas canisters.

Gas canister not included.

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