Ski Boot Fitting

Book your free 2 hour appointment with one of our experienced ski boot fitting technicians, to ensure that you get the very best possible boots for your foot size, foot shape, and level of skiing ability. We can accommodate up to two people* from the same household per appointment.

A fitting session includes:

  • A comprehensive measure up of your feet.
  • Discussion of what kind of skiing you do, your current ability, and your future aspirations.
  • Taking account of any orthotics or insoles you use.
  • Taking account of any foot or lower limb issues.
  • A peace-of-mind 'fit guarantee' if you go with what we recommended.

Learn more about our ski boot fitting service  

We still offer our a walk-in service for refits, insoles, and upgrade liners.

Saturdays: during the winter season, we run a 'first come, first served' deli-counter ticket system for ski boot fitting, as this allows us to accommodate more people.