Therm-A-Rest - Z-Lite Original, Regular

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A tough, durable and dependable closed-cell foam mat, with a unique egg-box shape, which optimises insulation (for warmth), softness (for comfort), and compact storage. Although bulkier than most self-inflating mats, the Z-Lite is very light, waterproof, and will take years of abuse. It's compact, accordion-style folding design also allows it to be easily double as a seat, a short mat with headrest, etc.

Features include:

  • Virtually indestructible closed-cell crosslinked polyethylene foam (will not puncture, leak or de-laminate).
  • Firm foam keeps you off the ground and therefore warmer.
  • Heat-trapping dimples make the mat softer, giving more comfort, provide more insulation, and allow compact folding.
  • Compact, accordion-style folding design.
  • A expedition proven design, that will give years of reliable service.

Dimensions: 51 x 183 x 2cm.

Dimensions (folded): 51 x 13 x 14cm.

Weigh: 410g.

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