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The Diva is undeniably the finest and most functional inner-boot for women ever made. The Diva has a redesigned cuff to provide better support and comfort. The Zipfit neoprene toe-box is designed to fit the forefoot as a warm and comfortable sock. The shearling wool lined 2.5mm neoprene is the most comfortable, warmest, supportive, sensitive, secure and durable of all lining materials. The only foam padding used is high quality EVA Ultralon and it's found in the upper half of the spoiler. The inner toe box is shearling wool lined for additional warmth and comfort. The spoiler is slotted to give extra softness and freedom around the lower calves while still retaining the extremely positive edge control and stability associated with all Zip Fit liners. As with all Zipfit liners it features the exclusive thermally mouldable OneMinuteFit© pre-packed volume moulding composite of granulated-cork and proprietary binders to create the optimum viscosity-and-density that self-moulds automatically and continuously to provide uncompromising comfort, warmth and support. If the boots are uncomfortable or cold or unsupportive then performance is lost. Therefore, the most functional inner-boot is the most essential ingredient of every women’s ski boot, the Zip Fit Diva.

  • The 2.5mm neoprene lining
  • High quality EVA Ultralon padding
  • Shearling wool toe box
  • Thermally mouldable OneMinuteFit© moulding composite

There may be some variation in the colours and styles of some Zip Fit liners.

Please note that the 'Diva' and 'Tour' are the same.

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