Mycoal - Heatease Insoles

Mycoal - Heatease Insoles

Disposable, heated insoles, which will easily slip into most outdoor footwear - perfect for people who suffer with cold toes when less active in cold conditions. Pack contains 3 pairs of air-activated insoles, individually sealed. Warms for 5+ hours, at a temperature of around 35-39°C.

Directions: Remove insoles from plastic wrapper, and inset into shoes or boots with fabric side up and white side facing down. In larger size footwear, place heater toward front (toes).

Dimensions: Will fit footwear from approximately size UK 6 upwards. Approximately 2mm thick.

Precautions: Do not cut the foot warmer. Do not use on babies, small children, physically handicapped persons, on chilblains, directly on the skin without socks, while sleeping, on desensitised skin, on burns or swellings, or if you have diabetes or poor blood circulation. Do not use while running.

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