Julbo Eyewear

Julbo have been designing and making high performance sports eyewear in the Jura mountains since 1888, and continue to innovate, optimise technologies, and master complex manufacturing processes. Their glasses are designed to provide unbeatable protection, performance, comfort and versatility for active outdoor people.

Spectron lenses: Light, durable and dependable polycarbonate lenses for fast moving sports. 

Reactiv lenses: Photochromic lenses that instantly adapt to all weather conditions, removing the need to change lenses or glasses for different weather conditions, or for different times of day.

Polarised lenses: Provide additional protection from glare and reflected light, making them more comfortable for use on water or snow.

Categories: Lenses are categorised by how much visible light they block, from 0 (totally clear lenses for impact protection) to 4 (very dark lenses for exceptionally bright conditions).