Fitting: Walking Boots

Lockwoods walking boot fitting service is regarded as one of the best available in the UK, with our reputation recognised by many leading walking boot manufacturers and suppliers. Customers regularly travel from all over the country to benefit from our excellent customer service. We stock premium quality walking, trekking and mountain boots, and stock different makes and models of boots for different shapes of foot. We routinely help customers who struggle to find boots that are comfortable and suited to their needs.

Why have your boots properly fitted?

Simple: better comfort and a longer life from the boot and it's waterproof lining. Don't risk buying online - which can very quickly become a costly experience - visit us to ensure you get the 'right tool for the job' and the best model of boot for your foot!

Measuring: Our fitting service involves taking up to 12 measurements of your feet, and taking note of any medical or foot injury problems. We would also discuss the intended usage of the boots, and take the shape of your feet into account before recommending a boot to you.

Boot selection: We stock over 100 models of walking boot, shoe and sandal, from some of the best manufacturers available, allowing us to offer different shaped boots for different shaped feet. We are a premier stockist for Alt-Berg walking and trekking boots, which are available in big range of sizes, a choice of up to five different width fittings, and even two alternative foot shapes. Most Alt-berg boots are available to us in up to 115 different size-fit options!

Insoles: We offer a comprehensive range of foot supports to improve the fit of your boots, to provide more support and comfort, and sometimes to relieve injuries or medical conditions. If a more corrective orthotic is required, we are happy to refer you to a podiatrist. If you already have medical orthotics or foot supports, it is normally very straight-forward to accommodate these (but please bring them with you).

Modification: If a pair of off-the-shelf boots is not quite right, we have full modification facilities for all types of footwear, including ski and walking boots. We can easily modify your walking boots to accommodate many specific medical problems, such as bunions or heel-spurs, but please remember that this may take us several days to do, and that we would normally seek to stabilise your foot with a good foot support before altering the fit of any boot.

Accessories: We are happy to recommend the most suitable socks to give you the best comfort and fit with your new footwear. For walking boots, we would also recommend the most suitable conditioners and proofers to maintain your footwear’s water repellence and breathability, and to maximise its service life.

Fit Guarantee: Any footwear recommended and fitted in our Leamington Spa store is backed by our no-quibble one year 'Fit Guarantee' - we will not leave you stuck with uncomfortable or unsuitable boots.

Visiting us for a fitting?

Please bring your normal walking socks, as well as any insoles or foot supports you normally use. It is sometimes useful for us to see any pairs of your old boots which you have found particularly comfortable (or uncomfortable!). Please allow around half an hour to an hour for a fitting, and remember that we can get very busy on Saturdays - you may need to wait to be served.

 We operate a walk-in service for fitting of boots and shoes - no booking required. During particularly busy periods, we will add your name to our ad-hoc waiting list to ensure everyone is seen in turn. Please DO NOT take a ski boot fitting ticket from the back of the shop.

Visiting us for a fit-check, new insoles or boot modification?

Please ensure that your walking boots are clean and dry*, and that you bring your normal walking socks with you as well.

 *For health and safety reasons we are unable to inspect or work on dirty footwear. We would hope that this is also simple common courtesy toward our staff.

Buying boots online?

While we would always strongly recommend having footwear properly fitted in-store, we understand that this is not always an option. If you are unable to visit us in person, we will always do our best to give advice regarding the size and fit of the particular boot or shoe you are interested in, as all brands of footwear differ in size and fitting.

Please remember that if you had a particular brand of boots previously, there is no guarantee that the current version will fit the same, especially as your feet may have changed shape over time.

Our bootfitting process

We would always start by discussing what you need your boots for - the kind of walking you do, as well as the terrain and weather conditions you might encounter.

To get as good a 'picture' as possible of your feet, we take up to 6 unweighted measurements...

...followed by up to 6 weighted measurements. We would also look your foot shape, as well as any foot issues you may have.

This all allows us to select appropriate models, sizes and fittings of boot to then try on.

Our boot ramp helps check for a secure fit (especially important with hillwalking and trekking boots).

To improve comfort or help fine-tune the fit, upgrading the basic factory fitted insole in a boot is always worth considering.

Where appropriate, we can discuss how a proper footsupport can improve fit, comfort, balance, weight distribution, posture, and even help relieve specific foot issues such as plantar fasciitis.

Some of our boots are available in different fittings and last shapes, which gives us more options for unusually wide, slim or non-standard foot shapes.

If an off-the-shelf boot isn't quite right, we can often stretch them to increase width, or to cater for foot issues like bunions or heel-spurs.

A well-fitting hiking sock, constructed of the right materials, and of the most appropriate thickness, can make a big difference to overall foot comfort.

 If you have any questions about our walking boot fitting service, then please don't hesitate to contact our walking boot fitting team on 01926 339388 (option 1).