Fitting: Insoles

We have been selling custom ski boot insoles for well over 25 years and Superfeet footsupports for ski and hiking boots for over 20 years. We have built up a wealth of experience in recommending and fitting insoles to a wide variety of footwear to improve not only comfort and performance, but also help relieve a variety of medical and biomechanical issues.

Our insole range

  • We are one of the UK's premier retailers of Superfeet trim-to-fit and custom moulded footsupports for ski boots, walking boots, running and everyday shoes. We offer high and low profile models for different types of footwear, as well as half-length models for items of everyday footwear that do not have a removable factory liners.
  • We offer custom moulded Sidas supports for ski and snowboard boots, and also stock a selection of their cushioned trim-to-fit insoles for hiking and running footwear.
  • We stock Svartz shock-absorbing footbeds, originally developed by Altberg for their military customers who have to run and train in heavy duty boots.
  • For fine-tuning the fit of boots and shoes, we carry a range of inserts designed to help make your footwear fit more securely by taking up space under the whole foot or just the heel.
  • For customers not looking for a supportive or cushioned insole, we do always keep stock of basic replacement factory liners which we are happy to trim to the size and shape of your footwear.

Our insole fitting process

There are two important aspects to fitting an upgrade insole to your boots or shoes:

  1. Finding a product that suits your foot shape, and that will meet your requirements from a functional perspective (support? cushioning? insulation? a specific medical issue?).
  2. Ensuring that this product will fit into your footwear without negatively impacting on the fit (checking that it doesn't make your boots or shoes too tight, for example).

As such, we need your feet, socks and footwear to ensure everything is working and fitting correctly!

Superfeet insoles come with a no-quibble 60 day satisfaction guarantee. After we have fitted your insoles, you can try them for two months - walking, skiing, running. If they do not meet your expectations, we are happy to exchange them for an alternate model or offer a full refund.

Fitting footbeds in our Leamington Spa store

For custom moulding our Superfeet footbeds, we use a Fit Pod which holds your foot in a neutral position while the insole is vacuum moulded onto your foot.

For our Sidas custom insoles, a mould of your foot is taken on a special gel pad, which is then used in turn to mould the insole.

All our full-size custom and trim-to-fit insoles are adjusted to perfectly fit your footwear. Our fitting service is offered completely free of charge.

We were the first retailer in the UK to offer custom moulded Superfeet insoles, and now have over 20 years experience of making and fitting them.

While they may at first glance look similar to a factory fitted insole, a proper supportive footbed is constructed and works in a very different way.

We have plenty of demo footbeds in our store so we can easily try you with different models and shapes.

Our Superfeet and Sidas supports are all designed to help control pronation (how much your foot rolls in during running, walking or sking). Keeping your foot in a more neutral position improves not only foot comfort, but also aids balance and improves posture.

Plantar fasciitis is a common medical condition characterised by heel pain, especially first thing in the morning. A proper footsupport that controls pronation is a proven approach to reducing discomfort and aiding recovery.

There are several medical conditions of the big toe joint that can be greatly relieved with the use of a good footsupport. In the case of hallux valgus (bunion), our experience is that pressure and rubbing on the affected joint is greatly reduced.

Please note: while we have a great deal of experience in recommending and fitting footsupports, we are not podiatrists, and do not make medically corrective orthotics. If we are unable to help, we are always happy to recommend a local medical professional.

 If you have any questions about our insole fitting service, then please don't hesitate to contact us on 01926 339388.