Ski boots

Full-time ski hardware sales assistant, winter season 2021/22

We are looking for an enthusiastic individual to join the ski hardware sales team in our Leamington Spa retail store for the upcoming winter season. We pride ourselves on providing outstanding customer service, so are looking for someone who is diligent, reliable, and who genuinely cares about the experience of customers visiting our store.

  • Regular hours: 10am-5pm, Tuesday-Saturday.
  • Relaxed and pleasant working environment.
  • Family run business who value their staff.
  • Non-commission based salary.
  • No previous retail experience necessary.
  • A positive attitude and good interpersonal skills essential.
  • Active participation in outdoor sports such as skiing, walking, trekking, camping, or climbing would be preferable.

For further details, please email

Updated: 11/6/2021