Ski Workshop Services

Last drop-off date for servicing this spring is Saturday 4th May. Our workshop will be closed this summer for refurbishment, and will reopen in the autumn.

Ski Servicing (winter season only)

Ski Service #1 - Wax only
Can often be done while you wait, but is dependent on staff availability.
Ski Service #2 - Standard service
Includes: preparation, belt and stone grind, edge sharpening, machine hot waxing and finishing.
Ski Service #3 - Full service
Includes: preparation, P-tex (filling) of minor holes, belt and stone grind, edge sharpening, machine hot waxing and finishing.
Boot + Binding check
Ski boot required.
Plus £15.00
Repair of 'severe' holes requiring patches
Per patch, in addition to full service @ £30.00
Plus £20.00
Removal of storage wax, vaseline, grease and/or excessive rust
This all takes extra time, so we do need to charge for this!
Plus £10.00

Normal turnaround time for ski servicing is one week. We would as always politely ask that skis are dropped off allowing us as much time as possible to turn them around. We would therefore request that your skis are dropped off at the very latest by Saturday for collection the following Friday PM. For any skis dropped off at the beginning of a week - whilst we will try our very best to get them serviced - it will not be possible to guarantee a turn around within that same week.

Snowboard Servicing (winter season only)

Snowboard Service #1 - Side-edge* and wax
Please remove bindings.

*Due to machinery and time constraints, we are unable to offer any 'full' servicing on snowboards.

Fitting & Setup of Ski Bindings

Ski + binding packages purchased from Lockwoods FREE
Binding Set-up #1 Boot + binding check £15.00
Binding Set-up #2 Mounting of track system bindings £25.00
Binding Set-up #3 Mounting of bindings that require drilling £50.00

These services include the adjustment of release settings (DIN), for which we will require one of your ski boots, plus the skier's height, weight, age, and skier 'type'.

Trimming of Ski Touring Skins

Skins purchased from Lockwoods £20.00
Skins purchased elsewhere £40.00

Fitting of Ski Boots purchased from Lockwoods

Standard ski boot fitting service
Includes: an assessment and measurement of your feet, a discussion of any prior issues with your feet, a discussion of your skier type/preferred skiing terrain, advice on footbeds and socks, heating and moulding of ski boot liner and - when relevant - ski boot shell.
Follow-up adaptations or modifications to ski boots within 2 years of purchase. FREE

Work on ski boots over 2 years old may incur a charge dependent on the work needed and time required.

Fitting of Ski Boots purchased elsewhere

Standard ski boot fitting service
Includes: Checking size and suitability, heating and moulding liners.
From £50.00

Ski Boot Spares

We stock (and have access to) a wide range of spare parts for most of the boots we sell. Replacement Toes and Heels for your boots, spare buckles, and much more can often be found lurking in our extensive stores.

 If you require any advice regarding your boots, skis or any snowsports equipment, please don't hesitate to contact one of our experienced team.

Last updated: April 09, 2024