Fitting: Ski Boots

Great fitting ski boots will enable you to ski better and for longer, with more control, and in greater comfort. We are nationally recognised for our expert ski boot fitting service, and stock an extensive range of alpine and touring boots, carefully selected to not only meet the needs of different levels of skier, but - very importantly - to fit different sizes and shapes of feet.

Our fitting service is provided completely FREE OF CHARGE for boots purchased from us. For fitting and/or modification of boots purchased from elsewhere, please see our workshop services pricelist.

Our fitting service

During a normal boot fit, we provide:

  • A detailed measurement of both your feet (they are normally slightly different sizes and widths).
  • Recommendations regarding suitable ski socks to wear with your boots to maximise foot comfort.
  • Recommendations regarding the model(s) of boot best suited to your foot shape, skiing ability, and budget.
  • Fitting of boots, including heat moulding of liners, heat moulding of shell (on relevant models), and any modifications which may successfully enhance the fit.
  • Recommendations regarding accessories which will add to the comfort of your ski boots, such as footbeds, liner upgrades, and heaters.
  • Recommendations regarding accessories which will extend the life of your ski boots.

We will also explain the benefits of:

  • Fitting a trim-to-fit supportive footbed.
  • Moulding and fitting a custom-made footbed.

If required, we can also:

  • Stretch and make modifications to ski boot shells to allow for foot abnormalities, such as bunions.
  • Fit higher performance liners to further enhance comfort and performance.

 Skiing is an active sport, and a degree of physical fitness and flexibility is assumed if you are visiting us for a fitting. A lack of physical fitness and flexibility can adversely effect our efforts to achieve a good fit.

First visit?

  • Time - Please allow plenty of it - ski boot fitting typically takes between 1½ to 2 hours (or even longer for specific boot or insole modifications). Please don't turn up 15 minutes before we close.
  • Socks - If you have your own ski socks, then please bring them along, as the sock used during the boot fit should be the sock you then ski in.
  • Clothing - we will need you to roll up your trouser legs when trying on boots, so please avoid skinny jeans.
  • Ladies - we politely suggest that you wear appropriate clothing for sitting on a high bench while we measure your feet and work on your boots. Leggings or loose trousers are ideal.
  • Families - please remember that our boot fitting room can get very crowded during the winter months, and we would politely ask that you refrain from bringing superfluous uncles, aunts, grandparents, nephews, nieces and other miscellaneous family members just to watch.
  • Dogs - while we do permit well behaved dogs into our store, please DO NOT being dogs into the ski boot fitting area, as we have had incidents of injuries to tails and paws from ski boots and fitting stools, plus not all customers appreciate inquisitive noses!

 We operate a walk-in service for fitting ski boots - no booking required. During busy periods, we operate a deli-counter ticket system to ensure everyone is seen in turn. Please take a ticket from the dispenser at the back of the shop and wait for your number to be called.

Ski boot fitting in our Leamington Spa store

Measuring and foot assessment.

Selecting an appropriate boot based on foot shape and skier ability.

Checking the fit and size of ski boot shell.

Heating of ski boot liners prior to moulding.

Moulding a Superfeet custom foot support for improved fit, comfort and performance.

Modification of a ski boot shell for an ankle issue.

If you have any questions about our ski boot fitting service, then please don't hesitate to contact our ski boot fitting team on 01926 339388 (option 2).