Walking Shoes

All our walking shoes feature stiff soles for protection from stones and to reduce foot strain when walking off-road*. Some have waterproof linings (such as Gore-Tex) to help keep your feet dry, but if you want to keep your feet as dry as possible, then it would be better to look at a pair of boots instead. If you want to try and keep your feet as cool as possible, then models without a waterproof lining would be best. It goes without saying that we try to only sell shoes that are light and comfortable! However, please remember that weight will be related to how strong and protective the shoes are - if your shoes are too light, they will not offer adequate protection or durability. Finally, please remember that for a shoe to be really comfortable, it needs to fit your foot and be suitable for the type of terrain you will be walking over. As always, please contact us if you have any questions, or - better still - visit us for a proper fitting.

*For walking purely on roads and tarmac, our shoes are not ideal.