Black Diamond - ATC Pilot

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A high-performance assisted-braking belay device, designed to provide extra security for indoor and sport climbing. Used in the same basic way as a standard tube-type belay device, but in the event of a fall, the carabiner is pulled into the device, trapping the rope. This means falls are easier and more comfortable to catch, and it's much less tiring for the belayer to hold the climber when they are having a rest. Very robust construction and no moving parts ensures a long service life. Should be used in conjunction with a round-bar HMS carabiner.

Features include:

  • Simple, durable construction, with no moving parts.
  • Used in the same basic way as a standard tube-type belay device.
  • Provides an added level of security to single pitch belays.
  • Smooth rope payout.
  • Controlled lowering.
  • Ergonomic, non-slip grip surface.

For rope diameters: 8.7 to 10.5mm.

Weight: 92g

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