Soto - Micro Torch Horizontal

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A ‘turbo-flame’ type high-power lighter which makes short work of lighting stoves and campfires, especially in bad weather. It produces a wind-resistant 1300°C mini-blowtorch flame, which is hot enough to ignite spirit burns in cold conditions, and to quickly seal rope ends to prevent fraying. The flame is also directional, meaning that you’re less likely to burn your fingers if you need to light a stove, gas lamp or candle from above.

  • Piezo push-button ignition.
  • Flip-up cover protects burner when not in use.
  • Attachment point for leash or lanyard.
  • Refill using premium quality gas-lighter butane, or a from your camping stove gas cartridge using a filling adapter.
  • Premium quality Japanese design and manufacture.

Weight: 45g.

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