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Scarpa - Veloce Lace Men's

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A technical shoe with a slight downturn and medium-tension heel, ideal for indoor climbing. This shoe has been made on a wide-fit last and has a much squarer toe-box, making it a great option for those who always find their little toes squashed in climbing shoes. The lace-up style allows further fine-tuning of fit compared to velcro fastening shoes.

Features include:

  • Microfibre upper.
  • Lace-up style for fine-tuning of fit.
  • DTS tension system adapts perfectly to the dynamics of the foot in motion. The Differentiated Tension System concentrates power onto the big toe without interfering on the fit in other parts of the shoe. This helps keep the foot and toe in optimal position for power transfer and precision.
  • PAF heel system that helps both spread the force of the heel tension and increase the fit of the heel. The aggressive tension-rubber is interrupted behind the heel to reduce pressure on the achilles tendon and connected with softer rubber, that works like a bridge and allows full adaption to the shape of the heel. The holes on the side of the heel indicate the tension applied, which varies between 1 hole for light-tension, 2 holes for mid-tension and 3 holes for strong-tension.
  • Twin pull-on loops.
  • 4mm S-72 sole gives support with the best balance between friction and stability.
  • Vegan friendly.

Weight: 195g (½ pair size 42)

Fit: Wide width with a square toe-box.

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