Your new walking boots

What’s next?

Now you have got your new walking boots there are a few things we recommend to help you break them in. We suggest wearing your boots around the house first of all; you’ll want to do this in your walking socks also. We would suggest about 1 hour of walking around your house and up and down the stairs, if you have them, perhaps while doing jobs around the house so you are actively moving. This doesn’t have to be done in one go you could break it up into 10-20 minute sessions over a week or so. We suggest doing this within your 14-day return period so in the unfortunate event you are not happy the boots can be retuned. Once you are happy and are 100% keeping your footwear we would recommend short walks, 1-2 hours, outside before long walks, 2+ hours. If you do develop any problems don’t hesitate to come in and see us. There are lots of small adjustments that can be done to boots post sale in order to refine the fit.

If you have taken boots that one of our fitters has recommended then you are covered under our one year fit guarantee for any adjustments needed.

Care and Maintenance

The majority of our footwear will require some maintenance in order to prolong the life of them. How you would look after your new walking footwear will depend on what material they are made out of. We would always recommend cleaning and proofing footwear with the laces out to allow you to get into all the nooks and crannies of the footwear.

Fabric, Suede and Nubuck

For fabric footwear you will need to use a protector spray in order to help proof the outer material. We suggest cleaning your footwear thoroughly before adding any proofing. Then you would spray on your protector spray, depending which you have you would spray it on wet or dry.

With Nubuck footwear you would either do as above to keep the matte finish or you could wax the leather at which point it will darken slightly and eventually become smooth leather again. You could use any brand of wax for this. Boot companies will always recommend their own but as long as it has no colour you could use any brand wax on any footwear.

Smooth Leather

With smooth leather footwear you would wash off the dirt when you return home from your walk, there are many ways to do this. Once the leather has dried naturally, you would apply the wax to the leather. A soft or cream wax can be applied with a cloth and a harder wax can either be applied with a thin cloth or with your fingers to allow the wax to melt into the leather.

How Often?

The frequency in which you proof your footwear depends entirely on how often they’re being used and the conditions you’re walking in, e.g. in the winter or prolonged wet periods, we would recommend proofing footwear once a week. If you know your footwear is going to be stored for a long period of time ideally you would want to clean and proof them beforehand. Then you would want to put them in an aerated box or boot/shoe bag.

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