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Blue Ice - Cuesta Adjustable Harness

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A premium quality, fully adjustable, 4-season climbing and mountaineering harness, ideal for multi-discipline year-round climbers. The laminated construction used for the waist and leg loop padding greatly reduces the harness's overall weight and bulk, beneficial both while wearing the harness and when carrying it in your pack.

Features include:

  • Extra wide, laminated waist belt and leg loops for excellent load bearing with minimal weight and bulk.
  • Self-locking waist belt and leg loop buckles.
  • UHMWPE Magic ring belay loop.
  • Reinforced tie-in points.
  • Two rigid front gear loops (for ease of clipping), and two supple rear gear loops (for comfort when wearing a pack).
  • Four icescrew clipper slots.
  • Adjustable and replaceable rear leg loop elastics, with drop-seat buckle.
  • Designed in Chamonix-Mont-Blanc.

Weight: 310g

Size guide:
Small - 68-81cm waist, 48-55cm leg.
Medium - 74-87cm waist, 52-59cm leg.
Large - 81-94cm waist, 57-64cm leg.
X-Large - 90-103cm waist, 63-70cm leg.

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