DMM - Accessory Cord, 5mm

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Strong and easy-to-knot 5mm nylon kernmantle construction climbing accessory cord, ideal for making up prusik loops as a backup for abseiling, for self-rescue, or for crevasse rescue.

  • Kernmantle construction - a protective woven sheath with twisted core.
  • Tie with a double-fisherman's knot for maximum security and strength.
  • Cut ends should be sealed with a flame or hot-knife to prevent fraying.
  • Meets CE and UIAA standards.
  • 3 meters is enough to make x2 general purpose prusik loops for rock climbers and mountaineers.
  • Also useful for making ice-thread anchors, or for use as abseil 'tat'.
  • Please note that colour and pattern of sheath may vary.

Weight: 15g/m

Breaking load: 6kN (approximately 600kg static load).

If you order multiples of '1 meter (continuous)', you will be supplied with a single length of cord (i.e. if you order 10 x 1 meter, you will be supplied with a single 10 meter length). If you order the 3 or 5 meter options, you will be supplied with pre-cut lengths (i.e. if you order 2 x 5 meter, you will be supplied with two lengths of cord that are 5 meters long!). 

Other diameters of climbing accessory cord - from 2mm to 8mm - are available in our Leamington Spa store.

 Please note that stock levels shown on our website are not 'live'. If you're planning a trip to our Leamington store, please contact us first for the latest stock information.