DMM - Torque Nut Set #1-4

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A modern incarnation of the classic hex, designed for cracks and pockets too large for regular wired nuts. Their simplicity, durability and versatility makes them a basic requirement for any trad, scrambling or winter rack.

  • Offset profile allows them to 'cam' into certain sizes of crack, increasing holding power.
  • Each size can be placed in three orientations - standard, cammed, or sideways - or used as a large stopper for threaded placements.
  • Extendable dyneema sling means they don't dangle around your knees when hung on your harness, but don't normally need a quickdraw when placed.
  • Groove in top edge helps protect sling from abrasion.
  • Anodised for corrosion resistance and easy identification.

Set contains Torque Nut sizes 1 to 4.

Total weight: 374g

Strength: 14kN

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