Light My Fire - Swedish Firesteel Bio Scout

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To be able to make fire has always been one of the corner stones of survival. The Swedish FireSteel was developed by Lars Fält, a survival expert with the Swedish army. Today The Swedish FireSteel is used by special army forces around the world, as well as bushcrafters, expeditions, and outsoorsmen. Made from a special alloy containing magnesium, the Swedish firesteel creates a shower of sparks that burn at almost 3000°C, easily igniting:

  • Camping stoves powered by gas or liquid fuel.
  • Dry grass, wood shavings, cotton wool, or similar tinder for starting a campfire.
  • Gas BBQs.

This updated Bio version of the original Scout model features:

  • An improved handle which is easier to grip.
  • An improved striker which integrates an emergency whistle.
  • Biobased plastic handles.
  • Supplied in a neat little drawstring storage bag.

Lasts about 3,000 strikes. 77x24x14mm. 27g.

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