Ortovox - Diract Voice Avalanche Transceiver

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The Diract Voice from Ortovox is the world's first avalanche transceiver with voice navigation, it also has a logical, yet reduced design that makes operation even more intuitive. It is extremely easy to use and gives clear voice commands when searching for buried subjects, which can decide over life-saving seconds in case of an avalanche. The Diract Voice talks to the searcher during the search for buried subjects. You can think of it a bit like Google Maps or Siri instructing you during the search. Voice announcements are only made if they are helpful. When switching to search mode, and thus from the first moment of the search until the victim is found, the device gives clear and simple voice commands such as: "Walk straight ahead!" or "Go down to the snow surface!". There are two different types of voice commands: Instructions e.g. "Go down to the snow surface!" and directional corrections e.g. "Keep to the right". A RECCO® reflector, as a back-up, is also integrated into the carrying system of the unit. The Ortovox Diract Voice is nothing short of a revolution in avalanche rescue. While it doesn’t replace avalanche education and training, the transceiver reinforces that training with a calming voice to guide you through the search process. Technical emergency equipment should support and not cause additional stress in crucial situations. The Diract Voice does just that.
The Ortovox APP for Apple iOS & Android can be used for video instructions, software-updates, device settings, fleet management and personalization.


  • Clear speech navigation DE, EN, FR, IT, ES, NOR, SV, CZ, NL
  • Flagging function
  • Search strip width 50 m
  • Stable display from first reception
  • Display fully graphic 34mm x 45mm
  • 360° real-time display
  • Visual and acoustic support in fine search
  • Group check
  • Smart-Antenna-Technology
  • Follow-up avalanche switchover in search mode
  • Follow-up avalanche switchover in standby mode
  • RECCO® reflector (in carrying system)
  • Permanent self-test
  • No. of antennas 3
  • Number of avalanche victims 4
  • Low-temperature battery
  • Rechargeable USB C
  • Bluetooth
  • Waterproof EN 300718
  • Carrying system with quick access
  • Dimensions 7.9 x 12 x 2.3 cm
  • Weight 210 g/carrying system 80 g

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