Petzl - Nano Traxion Pulley & Rope Clamp

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A very lightweight and compact high-efficiency pulley with integral rope clamp, which makes a fantastically useful tool for solving problems in the mountains - crevasse rescue, hauling a pack, or ascending a rope in an emergency.

Features include:

  • Strong, lightweight, and compact pulley for greatly increasing efficiency of hauling systems.
  • Sheave mounted on sealed ball-bearings for maximum efficiency.
  • Integral rope clamp prevents a load slipping back when hauling, and also works as an efficient ascender for climbing a rope in an emergency.
  • Works even on frozen or muddy ropes.
  • Attachment point for security cord (so you don't drop it).
  • Rope installation diagrams are engraved inside the pulley.

Weight: 53 g

Min. rope diameter: 7 mm

Max. rope diameter: 11 mm

Sheave diameter: 18 mm

Breaking strength: 15 kN

Breaking strength as progress capture pulley: 4 kN

Certification: CE EN 567, UKCA, UIAA

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