Sidas - 3Feet Outdoor Trim-To-Fit (High Arch)

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3Feet anatomical insoles go one stage further than standard trim-to-fit footbeds by offering three different models for the three main foot types - low, mid and high arch. Each model not only provides optimum support for each arch type, but also optimum support and cushioning for the corresponding foot biomechanics.

3Feet Outdoor footbeds are designed for outdoor activities requiring maximum comfort over long periods of climbing and descending, while maintaining maximum breathability - perfect for hillwalking, trekking and mountaineering.

  • Support shell suitable for high arches (3.4 cm) promoting optimal body and foot alignment, and optimal weight distribution.
  • Perforations provide maximum breathability.
  • Shock absorbing foam layer over whole foot.
  • Extra cushioned heel pad.
  • Anti-bacterial topsheet.

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