Superfeet - DeLuxe Women's 3/4 High Heel

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Most active people take 8,000 - 13,000 steps a day. If your shoes don’t support your feet properly, unstable foot movement can cause friction, blisters, bunions and overall misalignment. When your feet hurt, you hurt all over. Its one-of-a-kind lightweight design makes the Superfeet Delux Women’s High Heel 3/4 insole the perfect solution for your aching feet. The 3/4 High Heel helps center the foot, reduce pronation, and naturally cushion heel impact. The unique design helps redistribute your body's weight so it is no longer completely resting on the ball of the foot, helping to increase stability. Black color doesn't show wear and the slim profile hides inside your shoes. No trimming required. Improves shoe fit and adds comfort to boots or fashion heels 1.5” or higher. The Impression Stabilizer helps to nestle the insole into the bottom of the shoe to avoid excess movement while the Optimal Flex Design creates a lightweight device while maintaining proper support and function. The insole has a plush microsuede top, biomechanical shape, supportive design, and durable, high-density foam to deter excess foot motion, reduce friction and improve stability.

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