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 Spotfit Tubes are currently unavailable. However, we are expecting a delivery from ZipFit in mid November, and we will fulfil any orders at that time. If you order now, we will ship in November!

The proprietary Spotfit© injection system allows for the injection of precise doses of additional extra OMfit© molding composite - exactly where it is needed. The tongue and the ankle area can be injected with small amounts of OMfit to help restore the foot hold. The process only takes a few minutes but the boot will need to be worn to allow the OMfit to adapt. Best done a small amount at a time.

  • 15g injection tube x 1
  • Price is per single tube

Shipping to the USA usually takes 5-7 working days

 Please note that stock levels shown on our website are not 'live'. If you're planning a trip to our Leamington store, please contact us first for the latest stock information.